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A Bitumen emulsion containing fillers which provides all over waterproofing of roofs leaving a smooth finish. For use on flat or pitched roofs not subject to ponding, and as a general purpose and anti-corrosion protective coating. It is effective on a wide range of surfaces including concrete, asbestos cement, asphalt, lead , roofing felt, iron and steel. Apply by brush or spray. Roofing Emulsion is to be coated to a prepared dry surface using a soft bristle broom and spread at the rate of 0.75 litres per m2. To assist application brushes may be soaked in soapy water before commencing and the excess shaken off. When dry, apply a second coat at the same coverage rate, and if possible apply at right angles to the direction of the first coat, this ensures complete and uniform coverage. If a high build application is required with extra reinforcement, a layer of bituminised Glass Fibre Scrim or rot-proof hessian should be embedded into the first coat of Roofing Emulsion while still wet. (ensure a minimum of 50mm overlaps). This should be overcoated with two successive coats of Roofing Emulsion each at the same rate of 0.75 litres per m2 allowing thorough drying between applications. This product is ready to use and should not require diluting. It should not be applied when air temperatures are below 6oC or above 35oC. It should not be applied if adverse weather  conditions such as rain or frost are expected and before the product has time to dry. Coverage depends on the type of surface being treated. However guideline coverage is 0.75 litres per m2 per coat. Drying time will vary depending on external temperatures, humidity and wind movements. Heavy applications will result in extended drying times and will be more subject to wash off during initial stages of drying. Protect from frost. Keep in a dry place in temperature between 5oC and 30oC. Part used containers should be tightly resealed. Unopened containers have a shelf life of 12 months.

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